Qloudable Platform Products

An overview of the Qloudable platform’s core products.

Demo Labs

Demo Labs give customers a way to try cloud software solutions for free, in a seamless, hands-on experience. Demo Labs are comprised of pre-configured demos using real cloud software, so end users simply press “Start” and follow along with the instructions provided to experience a real use case for a cloud solution.

This allows users of all backgrounds to preview and evaluate cloud software for a variety of purposes, including experimentation, training, and making a purchase.


Stacks are reference deployment offerings that are used to deploy a packaged software solution in the cloud. Stacks are used to automate the creation and integration of cloud infrastructure, and are often used for pilots and proof-of-concepts. They can be made production-ready in a matter of weeks, or even days. 

Stacks provide users with a way to deploy cloud software solutions seamlessly in their cloud environment with the click of a button, and provide publishers with an appealing method for offering their cloud solutions to customers. 

Qloudable Stacks Icon
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Training Labs

Training Labs are educational labs created by authoritative organizations and individuals, designed to teach users about cloud technologies. A training lab consists of a sandbox instance, where users can access a pre-configured environment. Each lab contains a set of instructions, and an interactive console to perform the activities for the lab. This is all contained within a single screen experience, so learners can stay focused and have easy access to all the tools and support they need. 

Training labs allow end users to purchase hands-on learning courses for cloud solutions, and they allow authors to create authoritative content and educate users about their products in an intuitive and engaging way.