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Training Labs

Training Labs are educational labs created by authoritative organizations and individuals, designed to teach users about cloud technologies. A training lab consists of a sandbox instance, where users can access a pre-configured environment. Each lab contains a set of instructions, and an interactive console to perform the activities for the lab. This is all contained within a single screen experience, so learners can stay focused and have easy access to all the tools and support they need. Training labs allow end users to purchase hands-on learning courses for cloud solutions, and they allow authors to create authoritative content and educate users about their products in an intuitive and engaging way.

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Training Lab Product Features

Qloudable Features


one-click, built-in instructions, single screen.

Comprehensive Catalog

Lots of options to choose from, different skill levels and categories.


Labs offered on multiple cloud platforms.


Labs can include videos, rich text, quizzes, etc.


Reach more people with online labs.


Customize the learning courses, and what is included.


Publishers can sell labs at competitive process and offer discounts.


Publishers can showcase or expand their influence and expertise.

Training Lab Value-Added Services

Additional services for publishers to enhance the training lab experience.


Assign a team to work with publisher team to get started and published fast.

Design & Build

Work with the partner to design and build their demo, storyboard.


Validation, testing, and quality control before and after publishing.


Constant and technical support for integration into 3rd-party systems.

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