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Free and frictionless cloud demos.

Demo Labs

Demo Labs give customers a way to try cloud software solutions for free, in a seamless, hands-on experience.

Demo Labs are comprised of pre-configured demos using real cloud software, so end users simply press “Start” and follow along with the instructions provided to experience a real use case for a cloud solution.

This allows users of all backgrounds to preview and evaluate cloud software for a variety of purposes, including experimentation, training, and making a purchase.

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Demo Lab Product Features

Qloudable Features


Free of cost, any machine.

Easy to Use

One click, comes with steps. Easy to publish, just fill the blanks.


Diverse listing from multiple partners.


No commitment, temporary environments.


Go from demos to full deployments or training, quick and easy.

Increase Awareness

Easy to share and promote, Qloudable co-promotes.

Customer Insights

Generate leads and connect with customers, analytics.


Deploy labs on any major cloud platform.

Demo Lab Value-Added Services

Additional services for publishers to enhance the demo lab experience.


Assign a team to work with publisher team to get started and published fast.

Design & Build

Work with the partner to design and build their demo, storyboard.


Validation, testing, and quality control before and after publishing.


Constant and technical support for integration into 3rd-party systems.

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