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Qloudable Learn®

Qloudable Learn® is a cloud learning platform designed to help cloud solution providers create engaging, hands-on learning experiences for their cloud software.


Qloudable Learn® Training Labs are self-contained cloud labs that any approved ISV publishers can provide to customers and end users to help them learn how to use their software. Publishers can use Training Labs to create an intuitive, engaging learning experience with their solutions. Each lab contains a set of tasks, and an interactive console to perform the activities for the lab.


This is all contained within a single screen experience, so learners can stay focused and have easy access to all the tools and support they need.

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Qloudable Learn® Product Features

Qloudable Features

Automated Deployment

Users can launch on their own, no manual infrastructure setup needed.

Activity Tracking

Lab activity logs track lab usage, user feedback, and leads.

Cloud Account Management

Add, group, and manage cloud accounts to deploy resources in.

Interactive Learning

Single screen interactive lab interface keeps users focused on learning.


Manage teams and collaborate on lab content via GitHub.

Open Platform

Manage publishing through the publisher portal or through APIs.

Pricing & Monetization

Offer your labs for various prices with a revenue share model.

User Access Control

Set user access rules to allow, block, or give special access to learning.


Platform supports deployment in most major public clouds.

Learning Apps

Software tool plugins are available in the lab interface.

Custom Channels

Curate labs across public and private channels and link to unique wallets.


Automatic deposits of revenue into your bank account.

Qloudable Learn® Value-Added Services

Additional services for publishers to enhance the training lab experience.


Customer success team will help you get started fast and publish your solutions.

Design & Build

Our team will work with publishers to help design and build their Training Lab.


Validation, testing, and quality control before and after publishing.


Customer support and technical support for integration into 3rd-party systems.

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